“At Chi United Wesleyan Church we exist to Connect to God through Worship and His Word, to Grow in relationship with Jesus and each other, and to Go into our community making disciples and sharing Christ’s transforming love.”

Our Strategy

Jesus knew his purpose. He was focused and extremely intentional about  how he spent time and who he spent it with. He touched the lives of many people in deep and lasting ways. His ministry was multi-dimensional and because of that, his influence spread. As we look at his life, we see Jesus focused on deepening his relationships in three separate ways. The first relationship was with His Father through times of prayer. This was his UP (CONNECT) relationship. We also read of him doing life with other believers and his disciples. These were his IN (GROW) relationships. He also loved and cared for the world, healed sick, free those held captive by sin, and made real the love of God to all with whom he crossed paths. These were his OUT (GO) relationships.

Like Jesus, our purpose is to Connect, Grow, and Go.
We CONNECT: As followers of Jesus we are first and foremost centered on a person, on the Creator of the universe, on God Himself.  When we properly adjust our worship posture toward the One who is most brilliant, creative, powerful, beautiful, and loving, it is then we are most happy and fulfilled. In light of who Jesus is and what He did on our behalf, we have been given a new identity. We are adopted children of God!  With this new identity comes a new way of being. It also means new practices and rhythms where we deepen our understanding of worship of who Jesus is and what He has done.  This looks like worshiping and praising God together corporately and in smaller groups.  It means praying and calling out to the Father and listening to Him.  Reading the scriptures to hear His voice, and learning who He is, and reminding ourselves that our identity grows and is confirmed when we are CONNECTING through constant communion Upward with the Father.
We GROW: We Grow in relationship with one another, serving one another, and helping one another and our children grow in a relationship with Jesus.  Because of Jesus' life, death, and resurrection, we gain entrance into a forever family; we gain brothers and sisters (other son's and daughter's) that live life alongside us and for us.  Therefore we pray for one another, provide for one another's needs, listen to one another, play together, watch the big game together, eat together, celebrate and mourn together.  You can't program family, it's our new identity, it's who we are.
We GO:  by having a deep commitment to reach outside of our walls.  We at Chi United GO together on mission for God by serving in our community, our neighborhoods, and the world by engaging in service every domain of society; education, social services, government, medical field, and business wherever people are in the world, we want to engage them with the love of Jesus.  We are convinced that Jesus Christ came to bring redemption and deliverance to all dimensions of life. We also believe that each of us is called to live our life on mission for God right where He has us, as we GO about our day to day lives.


Chichester United Wesleyan Church 

5151 Chichester Avenue

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